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radiant heating for bathroom remodel in salt lake city

Why radiant Flooring is a Bathroom Remodeling Must

Radiant heating is an efficient way to heat your new bathroom, particularly if it’s often cold in there or your HVAC system doesn’t serve it well. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City, here’s why you should consider radiant flooring today!


While Radiant heating installation will add to your bathroom remodel cost initially, it can save you money in the long run. Radiant flooring is incredibly efficient, so you won’t pay for as much energy when you use it. Your Salt Lake City plumbers from Neerings can tell you exactly how much you might save.


With a radiant heating installation, you get more control over both the temperature of your bathroom and how often your heater runs. Since radiant heating warms a smaller room like a bathroom in only a few minutes, you only have to turn it on when you plan to use it. This means the system uses even less energy than traditional HVAC.


Imagine never stepping out of the shower into a freezing cold bathroom again. Radiant heating adds quite a bit of comfort to your bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City. Not only will warmer floors mean warmer feet, but that heat will spread throughout your bathroom. You can program most systems to turn on right before you get up, so your bathroom will even be toasty warm early in the morning.

Radiant heating is also worth adding to your bathroom remodel cost if you struggle with asthma or allergies. This heating doesn’t blow dust and debris around, nor does it suck in air from outside. This makes it the perfect kind of heating for people who react to allergens in the air.


Most radiant heating lasts for at least 20 years without much thought. Once the system is installed, there’s very little that it needs in the name of maintenance. This lowers the cost of owning the system even more because, unlike HVAC and other heating options, you don’t have to pay someone to inspect the system at least once a year.

If you do have problems with your radiant heating, our Salt Lake City plumbers are here to get it fixed fast. That way, you won’t have to worry about anything because we’ll already be taking care of it.

In fact, call us at Neerings Plumbing & Heating today to schedule your radiant heating installation or get your questions answered soon!