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West Jordan Radiant Heating Services

If you’re interested in radiant heating in West Jordan, reach out to our experts at Neerings today. We’ll help you decide if radiant heating is right for you, then help you choose the radiant heating system that will work best in your home. Once you’ve chosen your new system, we’ll install it and test it until it is working exactly the way you need it to.

What Is Radiant Heating?

Think about radiant heating like a stove, but for your whole house. When you turn on the stove, you can feel the heat radiating off of it and into the surrounding air.

When we install a radiant heating system in your home, we make panels in your wall, floor, or ceiling heat up. The heat from these radiates into your home, just like the heat from the stove radiates into your kitchen. When your home reaches the temperature you desire, the energy will stop heating the panels and the system will turn off until you need it again.

What Are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating has a lot to offer you in West Jordan. Here are just a few of the benefits that you and your family could reap.

Driveway Heating Systems

You can use radiant heating to melt snow and ice on your driveway, too. If you can’t shovel anymore or you’re just sick and tired of doing it, this could be the snow clearing solution you’ve been looking for.

Our driveway heating systems team will determine the best system for you and the best way to install it. Ultimately, we’ll need to get trenches with piping dug under the concrete in your driveway.

When it gets below a certain temperature, these trenches will fill with heated water and an anti-freezing agent. The heat will radiate out of the water and melt any snow and ice on your driveway’s surface.

Call us at Neerings when you’re ready to install your indoor radiant heating system or one of our driveway heating systems!

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