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Electric Vehicle Charging

Do you have an electric vehicle that you love, but you wish it would charge faster? Do you like using your electric vehicle but feel frustrated by limitations when it comes to how far you can go or how long you can drive?

If this is you, contact our electricians in Salt Lake City at Neerings Plumbing Heating Air & Electric about getting a home EV charging station. We’ll work with you to get you the right charger for all your needs and provide fast, efficient EV charging station installation.

Do I Need an EV Charging Station in Salt Lake City?

Most electric vehicles come with a Level 1 EV charger. These are easy to use because you just plug them into an existing electrical plug and they charge your car. 

However, it can take up to 20 hours to achieve a full charge using one of these. Unless you don’t use your car very much or you don’t have to go very far, this may not be optimal for you.

A Level 2 EV charger takes your home EV charging station in Salt Lake City to the next level. While you’ll need to bring in a professional team like ours to install it, it can fully charge your vehicle in approximately three hours. This is a huge difference and makes charging and using your EV easier than ever. 

Consider a Level 2 EV charger in Salt Lake City if:

  • You’re consistently frustrated with how long it takes to charge your vehicle.
  • You get frustrated because you can’t drive your vehicle as far as you’d like. 
  • You want a portable charger to carry with you.

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The Benefits of Having a Level 2 EV Charger in Salt Lake City

People who install a home EV charging station in Salt Lake City love them! They get their cars charged faster than ever so they can use their cars more often, go farther, and use them for more trips.

Some of our customers who chose an EV home charging station in Salt Lake City now carry their old charger in the car with them. That way, if they ever run out of power unexpectedly, they can plug the car into any outlet and get enough charge to get home ASAP.

Our Process for EV Car Charging Station Installation

Getting an EV charger for your home in Salt Lake City is easy. Call us, and we’ll have a Neerings electrician in Salt Lake City at your door soon. They’ll evaluate your needs based on the size of your car, the number of battery packs you have, and more. 

Then, we’ll start your EV charger installation. We’ll get you the best charger for your needs and install it fast, so you can always have the power you need for your car. 

Contact Neerings for EV car charging station installation in Salt Lake City.

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