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Sewer Repair Salt Lake City

Sewer line breaks or clogs are one of the most unsettling issues a homeowner will ever face. If you notice signs that there might be something amiss with your sewer line, it’s important to look into the problem immediately before it gets worse. Neerings Plumbing offers top quality services for sewer repair in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, including Orem and Park City. Here are some indications to watch out for:

  • You can smell wastewater in your yard
  • Sewage stench is coming from a drain in the house
  • Wastewater from the dishwasher backs up into the sink
  • Sewage travels up the bathtub drain
  • Sinks and bathtubs empty more slowly than usual

The most common problems with sewer lines in SLC

Among the most frequent causes of sewer main blockage in Salt Lake City is root overgrowth. Tree roots can get into pipes, gradually putting pressure on pipes and then growing their way into seams. If even roots can make their way between joints, they can create a net that collects material until the movement comes to a complete stop. They can then continue to grow, gradually causing breaks in the main. There are not many experiences that are more unpleasant than having a sewer line break on your lawn. Call Neerings to get a video inspection done on your pipes to make sure that’s what’s causing the issue!

Less-frequent sewer repairs in Salt Lake City:

  • The buildup of oil, grease, or hair
  • Pipe damage
  • Poorly aligned pipes
  • Backups caused by large items
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Neerings Can Handle Any Household Sewer Repair in SLC

A few last things to consider when you need sewer line repair in Salt Lake City:

  • Check whether your home insurance pays for sewer main line installations. Usually, the damage has to be proven to be an accident, and sudden (as opposed to gradual wear on your sewer line). Take photos as you or your plumber uncover the problem so that you have evidence to provide to your insurance agent.
  • While you’re having work done, consider installing a “trenchless” sewer line if you don’t have one already. This innovative technology enables plumbers to take out an internal lining from your sewer pipe for repair, then slide it back into the line without destroying fencing or lawns.
  • Neerings Plumbing of Salt Lake City, UT can take care of your drains and sewer repair at a reasonable price and time estimate. Our licensed plumbers are on the job. Contact Neerings now!

The Neerings technicians arrived at our home quickly, and they were professional, communicative, and thorough. We had our basement drain backing up into the house -- they evaluated the situation, provided us a reasonable estimate, and got to work. Would recommend and use them again!

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