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Bathroom Remodel in Salt Lake City

What NOT To Do When Remodeling a Bathroom

Many people have so many ideas for their bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City, but they aren’t sure how to implement them. They may feel intimidated by the project or worried about the cost.

However, getting a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City doesn’t have to be a huge stressor. Call us at Neerings Plumbing & Heating today, and we’ll help you get the bathroom you’ve dreamed about. We’ll also help you avoid the following pitfalls!

Jump In Without a Plan

Never jump into a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City without a plan. In fact, even remodeling a small bathroom without a plan can end up costing more, taking longer, and generally stressing you out beyond what needed to happen.

Call on our expert plumbers in Salt Lake City to help you make a plan that takes into account your bathroom remodel cost, your time frame, and more!

Start Without an Estimate

A fixed-price estimate for your bathroom remodel cost should be in your hand before you begin your remodel. Even when remodeling a small bathroom, you want to know what you’ll be investing before the project begins. That way, you won’t have surprises after you get your Salt Lake City bathroom remodel.

Moving All the Plumbing

It might be easy to envision your tub or your shower somewhere else, but the truth is that making these moves is not always in your best interests. Having expert plumbers in Salt Lake City move all of your plumbing can turn a small bathroom remodel into a huge headache! Make sure you know exactly what’s involved before you decide to relocate any plumbing.

Choosing Beauty Over Functionality

When you choose new pieces for your bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City, it might be tempting to always choose what is aesthetically pleasing over what is the most functional. However, this can mean that you end up with a bathroom that doesn’t really work for you. Our team will help you choose pieces that match your aesthetic and that will work for a long time.

Always Picking the Cheapest Option

It’s expensive to have your Salt Lake City bathroom remodeled. The temptation can be to choose inexpensive options, from cheaper plumbers, painters, and tile installers to cheaper pieces, too. However, this might backfire when your bathroom won’t work right or falls apart after only a few years.

When you’re ready to do your bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City, contact us at Neerings Plumbing & Heating. We’ll be there soon to help you get the bathroom you want and need at a cost that’s reasonable for you.

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