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How Replacing Your HVAC System Now Can Save You Money Later

It’s not a foreign concept that spending money can save you money down the road. When it comes to HVAC systems, this statement remains true. When your current system is coming to the end of its life cycle, upgrading instead of enduring frequent repairs or rising energy bills will certainly save you money. Our Neerings team has put together a few pointers on how replacing your furnace in Salt Lake City now will save you money later, so you have budgeted dollars for when you need them most.

new hvac units in SLC

Increased Energy Savings

New HVAC systems have a higher SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, meaning that they are built to operate at a higher efficiency. With a higher efficiency, you will save energy monthly and money in the foreseeable future. The manufacturers of new systems are required to meet fuel efficiency standards and must earn the rating to be produced. They are simply designed for effectiveness, efficiency, and long-term savings.

Low Monthly Utility Bills

As your system ages, its efficiency is not as capable as it once was, resulting in higher utility bills. This usually happens gradually, but if you can identify a big difference between your utility bill today vs. a year or two ago, this clearly indicates that your system is operating inefficiently. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, simply upgrading your heating and cooling unit can reduce your monthly utility bills by 20–40%.

Fewer Frequent Repairs

An old HVAC system usually comes with costly repairs every now and then. As a rule of thumb, if your system is roughly 10 years old and the repair is half the cost of a new system, then you should replace it. With a new HVAC system, you will save money and save yourself stress from constantly calling for a heating repair service in Salt Lake City.

So, now that you know how you will save in the future with an HVAC upgrade today, our Neerings team of Home Service Specialists are ready to assist you throughout the process. We will evaluate your home for the appropriately sized system, provide a quote, and get to work installing your new system. Not only will you experience cool comfort during the warm Salt Lake City summers, but it will ensure heating solutions in the winter. Contact our team to get started today.

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