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Our Most Popular Water Filtration System

Pro eXstream Water Softener

The Pro eXstream water softener is our most popular system. All Pro eXstrean systems are certified under the NSF 44 certification. They also carry our famous Limited Lifetime Warranty. This system is designed for high flow water demands as required by all plumbing codes. No more flushing the toilet and getting scalded in the shower because of water softener restriction.

This system is a true full-flow system with a 1.33″ interior distribution system. and is available in several sizes. Consult the plumbing code charts for proper sizing for your application ensuring that your system meets the demand required by your home.

Premier Water Filtration System

The Premier water filtration has all the benefits of the Pro eXstream system plus an exclusive dual resin technology that not only softens the water but also reduces chlorine, nitrates and a variety of others substances to bring you clean, soft, great tasting water throughout the home. Size your Premier system using the same sizing charts as the Pro eXstream systems to ensure proper sizing to plumbing codes and application demands.

If you have questions about the Pro eXstream system, or need a plumber in Salt Lake City, call Neerings today!

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