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Prep Your Swamp Cooler for Summer in Salt Lake City

A swamp cooler in Salt Lake City

Are you ready for summer? You need to make sure your HVAC systems are too. If you use a swamp cooler in Salt Lake City, there is a lot that goes into making sure it is prepared to be used during these hot months. Follow these tips!


Take off any covers you had on the unit to protect it from the cold.

Take off the casing

Remove the sides of the swamp cooler, releasing the clips that hold the panels in place.

Clean it

Clean out the swamp cooler with a soapy water solution. You may need a shop-vac if there is dust or debris trapped inside crevices. There are also descaling solutions specially designed for swamp coolers.

Replace the Filter

Do this once a year, because the minerals in the water from the cooler can harden the filter and lead to problems with efficiency.

Connect the Hose

Make sure the hose is connected tight, and that the drain plug is secure so that you don’t encounter a water leak.

Inspect for Issues

Look for leaks along the water line and the cooler pan. Also check to see if anything is rusting or cracking.

Test it!

Run the swamp cooler to make sure it works. Make sure the unit is lubricated and the water tank is filled. Check to see if all the parts are working, like the motor, water pump, and blower. If anything is wrong, call us for swamp cooler repair.

If you need swamp cooler service or air conditioning service in Salt Lake City, we are here to help! Call the experts at Neerings now!

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