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Optimized air conditioning in Salt Lake City

Getting Your AC Ready For Salt Lake City Summers

Are you excited for the warmer weather that is on its way? So are we! And in order to enjoy the higher temperatures to their full potential, there are a few things that you can do around your property to be fully prepared. One of them is prepping your air conditioner for summer. Whether you need to have a full AC tune up or just want us to make sure things are going to work well all summer, our staff can help.

Check out some of the following tips below, and if you have any questions, reach out to our Salt Lake City electricians and AC technicians for more information!

When you call us out, we will do the following:

Make sure the thermostat works

We will check on the thermostat and turn it on a cool setting to see if things are working the way they should. We can also install programmable thermostats if you’re looking for an HVAC upgrade.

Check you AC unit’s clearance

Next, we will make sure that the appliance itself is not being blocked or obstructed by anything outside. Our experts wil clear debris and shrubbery away from the AC unit and give it some space.

Inspect the contactor and capacitor

Our technician will then look at the AC unit’s contactor and capacitor to see if they look normal or if they are swollen, which is a sign of a problem.

Measure the refrigeration pressures

We will also check on the refrigeration pressure levels with our expert gauges. If the pressure is too high or too low, our technicians can get it fixed.

Check the compressor and fan

Next, our air conditioning contractors will look at the compressor and check on the unit’s fan. These can overwork themselves and become a fire hazard or burn out so it’s important to pay attention to their state.

Inspect the AC’s motor

We will take a look to see if the air conditioning unit’s motor needs to be lubricated. Our team can gladly handle that for you if so.

Change the air filter

It’s recommended AC maintenance to have your air filters changed out at least once a year, so this makes it a perfect time to get that done. We will swap it out so you start out the season with a brand new filter.

If you have any questions about the process, or you think your AC is past tuning up and that you should have a new air conditioner installed before summer, give the Neerings Plumbing Heating Air & Electric team a call. We are the best around for air conditioning services