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Whether you’re planning an extended family vacation this summer or a little weekend getaway, preparing your home is just as – or even more – important than packing your bags and booking your tickets. Chances are, you’ve already enlisted a neighbor to bring in your mail and keep an eye on your house, but there’s something you are probably forgetting that could lead to a major disaster – your plumbing system.

Disaster doesn’t care if you’re away on vacation, and it can strike at any moment. Before you head out the door, make sure you’ve taken a few simple steps to ensure that you won’t come home to any unpleasant surprises.

Prepping Your Home’s Plumbing Before a Vacation

Plumbing Before Going on Vacation
Don’t come home to a house that looks like this! Check out these tips for plumbing before going on vacation.

Leaks are the biggest plumbing concern when you’re on vacation. A leak is bad enough when you’re home, but at least you’re there and can turn off the water promptly. If you’re away for a few days or even longer, even a small leak can cause major damage.

A major leak in a well-maintained home is unlikely, but why risk it when preventing it is incredibly simple? All you need to do is turn off the main water supply, which is usually located near your water meter.

If you aren’t sure where your shut off valve is located or how to turn it off, speak with a trusted plumber. Knowing how and where to turn off your water is critical, even if you aren’t going away.

Water Conservation

In addition to preventing plumbing disasters, there are a few things you can do to reduce water usage while you’re away. Obviously, you won’t be taking showers or running your washing machine or dishwasher, but there are a couple other things you can do to conserve even more.

If your freezer has a built-in ice maker, turn it off. You won’t be home to need ice anyway. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, we also recommend turning off your irrigation system while you’re on vacation.

Another way to save while you’re away is by turning off your water heater. Since no one will be home to use the shower or wash dishes, there is no reason to keep your water hot.

Help from Your Salt Lake City Plumber

Whether you’re planning a vacation or you just need a helping hand with plumbing maintenance or plumbing repair in your Salt Lake City home, Neerings Plumbing & Heating can help. For assistance throughout the SLC area, call 801-467-3951 today!

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