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bathroom remodel Salt Lake City

How To Budget Your Bathroom Remodel

Most people we work with, even those with a high budget, want to know how to save money on a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City. Whether you are remodeling a small bathroom or a large one, here’s what you need to know.

As always, our tips come from our expert plumbers in Salt Lake City. If you want to get the bathroom remodel of your dreams, call us at Neerings Plumbing & Heating today!

Areas to Save on Your Bathroom Remodel Cost

There are a few areas of a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City where you can almost always save.


Most of the time, all the toilet needs to do is function. Unless you really want one with a bidet or a water saving model, you don’t need to break the budget on the toilet.


Even when remodeling a small bathroom, you want decent lighting. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get this. Even budget models usually offer decent illumination and controls.


Sure, you want to include a tub when having your Salt Lake City bathroom remodeled, but you can usually go with an acrylic or fiberglass version and do just fine. Jets are nice but they tend to break and can be expensive to fix.

Flooring Materials

You don’t need to choose expensive floors for your bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City. Vinyl or tile that look like wood are beautiful and they will last for a long time.

Areas to Splurge When You Have Your Salt Lake City Bathroom Remodeled

There are also a few areas where we recommend splurging, even if it raises your bathroom remodel cost.

In-Floor Heating

Heating in the floor adds another level of luxury to your new bathroom. It gives extra warmth and comfort during the cold winters, too.

Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are more sophisticated and stylish than other options. They also reduce the chances that you’ll have to deal with mold and mildew later.


If you’re wondering how to save money on a bathroom remodel, going cheap on the vanity is not your best choice. The vanity can set the whole tone for the room, and you don’t want something that’s going to fall apart in a few years.


Beautiful fixtures that are functional, too, are your best bet for your new bathroom. They add style and they will last for a long time.

Salt Lake City Bathroom Remodel

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, contact our expert plumbers in Salt Lake City from Neerings Plumbing & Heating today! We’ll help you get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed about.

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