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Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy in Salt Lake City!

easy bathroom remodeling salt lake city ut

Are you considering a bathroom remodel in the Salt Lake City area but dreading how long it will take or how stressful you think it will be? We don’t blame you! Many contractors seem like they are making the process as difficult as possible for you!

At Neerings, we believe that home remodels don’t have to be hard. In fact, our aim is to make them as quick and easy for you as possible. We have a tried-and-true process that allows us to get you the bathroom of your dreams without the hassle that can often be involved in these kinds of projects.

Infographic with general bathroom remodeling stats

Work with Bathroom Specialists

When it’s time for your bathroom renovation, make sure you hire people who specialize in that field. Believe it or not, there are teams out there that only remodel bathrooms, each and every day. They have the expertise you need to make sure your remodel gets done correctly. They’ll know what permits they need, the layouts that work best, and they’ll have access to the very best in bathroom products. Their experience will mean an easier remodel for you.

Use a Dependable, Professional Remodel Team

Whether you are doing a large or small bathroom remodel, make sure you get recommendations and that you check references for your remodeling team. Ask the questions that matter to you, like whether they completed projects on time, whether the projects came in at or under budget, and what it was like having them working in a home.

Find Someone Who Works Fast

Many home remodeling projects take a lot longer than originally projected. You’ll want to find a team that will change your bathroom fast. Make sure that they can give you proof of quick turnaround times. This indicates that they will be able to get you the bathroom you need without you having to find another place to live for a few weeks. If possible, ask them how much bathroom usage you’ll be able to retain while they’re working.

Start with a Consultation…for Free

Most high-quality teams will offer you a free consultation with a bathroom professional before you commit to the project. This allows them to hear what you’re looking for, offer different solutions, and give you a quote for the work that they will do. It also allows you to get a feel for what working with them would be like.

Plan Your Project

full bathroom remodeling salt lake city, ut

We’ll start by working with you to come up with a comprehensive plan for your project. We’ll take a look at your budget, talk to you about what you want and need, and let you know what we can do for the amount of money you have to spend. We never want to cause you financial strain so we appreciate it when you can be upfront with us about this from the start.

We’ll plan everything, down to where the water lines will run, whether we’ll need to move them, and how much work that will involve. Our expert plumbers will also plan for waste, too, and help you get the most out of every inch of space that you have.

Choose Your Shower or Tub

As part of your bathroom renovations, we’ll help you decide if you want a tub, a shower, or both, where they should go, and what you want them to look like. We recommend not going with a tub or shower liner because these aren’t always enough to stop leaks. Instead, we’ll help you pick out the base of your tub or shower, the showerhead and water control mechanisms, and more. We’ll help you get the very best quality in everything so you won’t have to worry about leaks or other problems for a long, long time.

Pick Out Fixtures

We’ll also make sure that you get the very best in new bathroom fixtures. These come in a variety of finishes and we’ll help you select the ones that will pull your new bathroom’s look together. Finally, we’ll install everything and test it before we go.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you want to get the most value for your money while still getting the project completed quickly. Contact us at Neerings today to find out how to get your bathroom renovation done ASAP so you can get the bathroom you’ve always wanted! Schedule your bathroom renovation consultation online with Neerings now!