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Should you Switch to Radiant Heat in Salt Lake City?

Think about the warmth you feel when the sun comes through your window on a brisk winter afternoon. That’s radiant heat. That same principle of heat transfer can be applied to your Salt Lake City heating system to provide efficient and clean warmth throughout your home.

While we work with all kinds of home heating systems, we recommend radiant heat to many homeowners as a way to improve efficiency and indoor air quality. If you’re curious about making the switch to radiant heat, here are a few things to consider:

Versatile Setup

Radiant heating is a distribution system that can work with your existing heat source (even if you use active solar heat) to move warm air throughout your home. The system typically consists of heating cables, mats or hot-water lines that run beneath your floorboards or walls. Which system you choose depends on your foundation, location, home size and needs, but hydronic (hot-water) systems are the most popular and cost-effective for heating-dominated climates.

Cleaner Heat

Typical forced-air heating systems use a blower and ducts to push warm air into you house. When this happens, allergens such as dust and pollen also enter your home and require constant filter maintenance to ensure clean heat delivery. With radiant heat however, this issue is eliminated as allergens aren’t distributed throughout the air. This can help you breathe easier and maintain your personal health throughout winter.

Hidden Operation

Because you don’t have to deal with blowers, your home can be heated quietly with radiant heat. This reduces noise pollution and can help you relax during the winter. In addition, since you won’t need air ducts anymore, you can eliminate unsightly vents throughout your home to improve its appearance and value.

For many homeowners, switching to radiant heat is a desired option that seems out of reach in terms of budget and installation. However, the technology behind this system is more affordable than ever before and heating panel options vary enough to be installed in almost any setup. To find out if radiant heat can work for your Salt Lake City home, give Neerings Plumbing & Heating a call today!

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