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A dirty furnace filter.

How to Change a Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter is one of the most basic parts of your HVAC system, but many people forget about it unless it’s causing a problem. However, you should change your filter monthly for optimal system functioning and to keep your system from experiencing extra wear and tear. 

Where is My Furnace Filter?

Depending on the age, manufacturer, and style of your furnace, your filter might be located in different places. The filter’s location is often labeled on the unit, though sometimes you might have to look up how to access it in the manual. 

Older furnaces may have a door built into the side of the unit. Remove this to replace the filter. You can pop it off or unscrew it to access the older filter. Slide out the old filter, make sure your new one is the same size, and slide it back in until it fits just like the old one did. 

The filter size is always available on the side of the filter. It may also be included in your manual or written on a label near the filter. 

Newer filters may have a filter base installed. This will usually be labeled and the label will include the size of filter that you need. Flip up the access panel, slide the old filter out, and slide the new one back in. 

When Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Change your filter every time you get a utility bill. Use it as your reminder to make sure that your furnace is in great shape. 

If you’re not comfortable changing your own filter or you don’t know how to change a furnace filter, contact us at Neerings. We include a filter change in our furnace maintenance or furnace tune up visits and we can also come out monthly just to change your filter.

What if I Can’t Access My Furnace Filter? 

If the access panel to your furnace is taped up or you cannot easily remove it, get one of our professionals to look at the furnace before you do anything. We can get your furnace size and devise an easier way for you to access the filter so you can change it with ease. 

Call Neerings today for help learning how to change a furnace filter or to make it easier to access your filter’s location.