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Common HVAC Issues That Might Require A System Replacement

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HVAC system issues happen; when they do, a furnace repair in Salt Lake City will typically bring resolution. However, if your HVAC system is roughly ten years old and those repairs are becoming more frequent and costly, it might be time to reconsider a replacement. Our Neerings team of Home Service Specialists has compiled a list of common HVAC issues that might require a new system rather than a repair.

The Limit Switch

The limit switch functions to turn off your system when dangerous conditions exist, such as your system overheating. This is typically the cause of the limit switch turning on, but it won’t turn on again unless an expert can manually flip it back on. You can easily avoid a limit switch breach by switching out air filters consistently so your unit does not overheat. If you have experienced a situation like this multiple times, your unit is telling you something. Contact a licensed professional for questions or next steps.

The Run Capacitor

This component of the HVAC system is attached to the blow motor within your unit. With age, this device can fail, but sometimes it runs out of power for preventable reasons. The best way to avoid this failure is to keep your system as clean as possible, eliminating dirt, dust, and other buildup within the unit. By keeping your system clean, you can eliminate the cause of its battery burning out quickly. If you regularly clean your unit and this still happens, speak to an HVAC professional on what should be done next.

The Pilot Light

The pilot light is the small flame that is kept lit in your system, so when gas is released to the main burner, the pilot light ignites that gas to turn on your system and provide heat during the winter. Sometimes, pilot lights simply go out and need a simple repair to correct the issue. If your pilot light consistently goes out, then you should speak to experts in the field about replacing your system. This is NOT something you want to play around with!

The Blower Motor

Over time, blower motors can stall and cause issues with your HVAC unit. The blower motor is responsible for blowing conditioned air through vents in your home and communicating the indoor temperature to your thermostat, so if your blower is stalling, you won’t feel cool air. If a blower motor repair is needed, you may be better off replacing the overall system rather than paying for a costly repair and running the risk of experiencing the same problem again.

The Circuit Board

If your circuit board fails, this may be caused by a variety of issues, like damage from a power surge, stuck relay switches, a failed transistor, or loose wiring. This can also simply happen from old age, where years of stress from the above can cause thermal expansion, vibrations, and surges, to degrade it to the point of failure. Since this is an electrical issue, this should be looked at by a trained professional ONLY. Do not attempt to DIY a repair in the hopes of saving money! Your home’s safety is dependent on the knowledge and expertise of a licensed HVAC professional.

At Neerings, we hope you have learned something new from reviewing the most common HVAC issues and why a full furnace replacement might be necessary to get your home back up and running. If you’re experiencing one of these issues, don’t hesitate to call our Home Service Specialists, who take your comfort and safety very seriously. We will take a closer look and help you determine if a new system is the best option for your home.

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