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3 Questions To Ask To Ensure Furnace Safety

Year-round, you want to ensure your family’s comfort and safety. During the cold season, furnaces are running when you need them most, but faulty furnaces can easily create hazards within your home and cause major damage. If you have been ignoring your furnace from season to season, now is the time to change that just in case an issue might be lurking within your system! Here are 3 simple things you can check to ensure your furnace is operating safely for this upcoming winter.

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Is Your Pilot Light Consistently Ignited?

The pilot light is a small, blue flame that is used to ignite the natural gas being pumped into the main burner. If it goes out regularly, then your system will not operate efficiently. There are several reasons why it may go out, but narrowing in on the cause is essential to correcting it as soon as possible. An issue with your gas line can be very damaging, so contact a professional quickly if you notice inconsistencies with the pilot light. Our Salt Lake City heating contractors can perform furnace inspections to determine the source of your pilot light issue.

Do You Have A Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed?

Carbon monoxide is not something you want to mess with, or the effects can be deadly! Since furnaces utilize gas to operate, carbon monoxide can build up if the system is not performing correctly. It is impossible to detect it because it is odorless and colorless unless you have a fully operational detector working on your behalf. If you need assistance installing this system, contact our Home Service Specialists for help. After installation, your system should be double-checked regularly to make sure it is still working at all points of the year.

Are Your Heating Registers Open?

If you inspect your heating registers and confirm most of them are closed, this is a red flag! No more than 20% of your registers should be closed at a time. If they are closed, heat can build up and negatively impact the efficiency of your furnace. Your home’s registers should remain open, uncovered, and free of dust, lint, and pet dander buildup. If your registers are open but your ducts are dirty, call our team for Salt Lake City duct cleaning!

We hope that identifying the answers to these simple questions will help acknowledge any problems with your furnace. Neerings is always here to provide Gold Standard Service, and we will double-check your system when performing a furnace tune-up this season. Contact our team directly to schedule yours today!

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