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What is a Reverse Osmosis System?

Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Salt Lake City

Have you heard that a reverse osmosis water filter might be able to give you the clean water you’ve been looking for? Do you have friends with a reverse osmosis system but you’re not sure what that even means?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you need to know about reverse osmosis so you can decide if one of these systems is the right option for your home and your family.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis is a method by which you can remove all sorts of substances from your water. These include minerals, contaminants, solids, large molecules, and more. You simply put pressure on water and push it through a specialized membrane. The substances that aren’t water are too large to go through, so they stay on the other side. The water you end up drinking or using to cook or clean your home is free from all of the contaminants.

Different reverse osmosis systems will look slightly different and will work in slightly different ways, but they all achieve the same goal: clean, soft water for you and your family to use in your daily lives.

Sometimes, you can get a reverse osmosis system that will target specific contaminants in your water. You can get your water tested, then buy the right filters to get rid of whatever your test finds. Other systems have a standard set of filters that are set to remove different substances, whether or not those are a significant problem in your home.

Is Reverse Osmosis the Right Solution for Me?

Reverse osmosis systems work well for many families. If you’re concerned about how your water tastes, about contaminants you know are in it, or about water hardness, these systems can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Most reverse osmosis systems will need to have their filters changed regularly. While this isn’t difficult to do, you may struggle with the task if you have limited mobility. If there’s no one who can change the filter for you, you may need a different type of system.

Without looking at your system or testing your water, we can’t tell you exactly how a reverse osmosis water filter could help you. Feel free to call for more information, though.

Get the Right Water Filtration System For You

Do you still have questions, like, “What is reverse osmosis?” or “Do I really need a reverse osmosis water filter?” Then call us at Neerings today! Our water quality experts can help you decide how to filter your water to achieve your goals. We provide comprehensive water softener services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas!

Stop living with water that is too hard or that doesn’t taste the way you want it to. Make an appointment today with one of our experts to find the best solutions for you