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Your plumbing system is one of your home’s most vital lifelines. Bringing clean water into your home and removing waste, plumbing systems don’t always get the credit they deserve. That is, until they stop functioning properly.

Not taking care of your home’s plumbing system can lead to costly breakdowns and disgusting problems that no one wants to deal with.

Are you taking good care of your home’s plumbing? Here are five everyday things that you may not even realize could damage your pipes.

5 Things that Damage Plumbing Systems

  1. Trash. Plumbing systems should never use used for trash disposal. Paper, glass, metal, plastic and other materials can cause a lot of damage Things that Damage Plumbing Systemswhen they enter your pipes through garbage disposals, toilets or drains. These materials can lead to nasty blockages and major repairs.
  2. Grease. Another common culprit for clogged drains, grease does not belong in your plumbing system. Even if it makes it past your drains, it can wind up clogging septic systems or causing sewer backups. Save yourself a lot of expense by never pouring grease down the drain.
  3. Tree roots. As tree roots search for water, they often make their way into the pipes in your yard and cause major drainage problems. Dealing with tree roots is stressful and expensive, so ideally, you should avoid planting trees and shrubs too close to outdoor plumbing lines.
  4. Hair. The hair that goes down your shower drain can lead to a messy situation. While it often passes through plumbing systems with minimal problems, if it gets caught up with grease or trash, it can lead to a disgusting clog.
  5. Chemical drain cleaners. A chemical drain cleaner may seem like a quick solution to a clog, but it may actually do more harm than good. The harsh chemicals can damage pipes, and they don’t always eliminate the problem. They’re also harmful to the environment. When you have a clogged drain, it’s always best to hire a professional for drain cleaning.

Avoiding clogged drains and other plumbing woes requires properly maintaining your plumbing system. Whether you’re currently facing a problem or you’d like a helping hand with plumbing maintenance, Neerings Plumbing & Heating can help. Call 801-467-3951, or fill out a contact form here!

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