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My Furnace Isn’t Working. What Do I Do Now?

It’s winter in Salt Lake City, and you notice your furnace isn’t making your home warm and cozy anymore. Panic sets in, and you start questioning what to do next. When your husband, wife, or neighbor doesn’t know what initial action you should take, take a deep breath, and remember these simple steps can make a big difference. When your furnace isn’t working, and the snow is falling, start by checking these 5 areas. That said, if you need furnace repair in Salt Lake City now, skip this blog and call our team for fast, efficient service.

Couple dealing with a broken furnace in SLC

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Double-Check Your Air Filter

Oops, you might have forgotten to replace your air filter last month! Since forgetting about this task, your air filter might have become clogged with debris and dirt. If this is the case, your furnace won’t be able to take in the air it needs. A dirty air filter can certainly reduce the amount of airflow in your home, heating less of your home. Try replacing the air filter to see if this helps. If not, move on to the next step. (You can avoid issues with your furnace filter by scheduling a heating tune up early!)

Review The Pilot Light

First things first: is your pilot light ignited? If not, this might be an issue with the ignitor itself or the sensor that works with it. If you hear an initial clicking sound when you try turning on the system, but the furnace doesn’t turn on, this is most likely the issue. We recommend you call a Home Service Specialist, like our Neerings team, to clean the sensor and try igniting your pilot light once again. A DIY attempt can be very dangerous if done incorrectly!

Test The Power

The power switch next to your furnace can get nudged every once in a while, causing you to experience a non-working furnace. Because some furnaces run on electricity, this will quickly disconnect the power going to your system. It is also wise to double-check the fuse or circuit breaker associated to make sure it didn’t blow. If the power is simply turned off, try turning it back on, but if you identify a faulty fuse, you will certainly want to contact a Neerings electrician in Salt Lake City to take care of the rest.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Is your thermostat set to HEAT? Is the fan set on AUTO? If one of these is off, it could cause your furnace to not work. For optimal comfort during the winter, it is recommended to set your thermostat between 68 to 72℉ while at home. If you make the necessary adjustments but still don’t feel your furnace working, then it is most likely time to call a professional. And, if you’re ready for an upgrade call our team to learn about programmable thermostat installation in Salt Lake City.

Inspect The Gas Supply

You will want to verify that the gas lines and valves are open so your furnace can receive the fuel it needs to operate. The moment you smell gas or propane, close the valve and call a professional like Neerings to follow through with an emergency heating repair.

We hope this article has helped you identify the problem with your furnace! Our heating contractors in Salt Lake City regularly perform furnace tune-ups that will ensure your system performs efficiently during the season, but will also inspect these areas to ensure they don’t cause issues later in the winter. Contact our team directly for more questions or to schedule a Salt Lake City heating service.