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The Importance of Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Plumbing emergencies in Salt Lake City go beyond burst pipes and leaky faucets. Much more unsettling are both broken sewer lines and clogged drains as these can cause severe damage to your entire home.

As a homeowner, consider the upkeep of your sewer and water lines from the municipal water main. If you ignore maintenance or needed repairs, your foundation, yard and entire household plumbing system could be at risk. Here’s what to look for to keep your Salt Lake City plumbing safe from sewer line and drain damage.

Sewer Line Problem Indicators

Knowing the signs of a bad sewer line is the first step in preventing a plumbing emergency, so be on the lookout for wastewater backing up in your dishwasher, sink and bathtub drain. Smell will typically be your biggest indicator of a sewer line problem especially if you can sense wastewater stench in your yard.

Sewer Line Problem Causers

In Salt Lake City, one of the biggest culprits of sewer line damage are overgrown tree roots. Gradual pressure can be put on pipes to break apart seams and joints to eventually crack the sewer line. Other causes are excessive buildup of foreign materials like grease, oil and hair that clog drains and weaken pipes. Poor installation can also cause sewer lines to burst making it important to only work with trusted and licensed plumbers in Salt Lake City when dealing with sewer lines.

Clogged Drain Cleaning Myths

Whether it’s caused from excessive buildup, poor installation or a foreign object, a seriously clogged drain should be fixed by a professional plumber in Salt Lake City. Chemical drain cleaners are very limited in how capable they are in clearing a clog and many products are potentially damaging to the pipes themselves. Instead of dumping chemicals down your drain, work with a plumber to have your drains camera inspected. With this method, you can actually identify what is causing the clog in order to waste no time fixing the problem, and perform the proper drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City.

If you are in need of sewer line specialists, we offer Sewer Line Repair Services in Salt Lake City. While working with a professional plumber in Salt Lake City to quickly fix a sewer line or drain emergency is recommended, having your entire plumbing system maintained regularly can help you avoid these issues altogether. To find out more about sewer line repairs and drain cleaning for your Salt Lake City home, call Neerings Plumbing today.

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