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Bathroom Remodeling Salt Lake City – Showers & Tubs

Are you interested in taking on a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City? If you’re looking to convert your shower to a tub, or vice versa, we can complete the job in a professional and efficient manner. The Neerings Plumbing & Heating team is available to transform your space into exactly what you have always dreamed of and envisioned. We can rearrange things in your bathroom within the existing framework, so that everything turns out exactly as you are planning. Call us now to have us handle all of your bathroom remodeling in the Salt Lake City area!

Tub To Shower Conversions

Does nobody ever really use the bathtub in your home? You have come to the right company. We have been doing bathroom remodeling in Salt Lake City for many years now, and specialize in converting tubs into showers that are much more functional and a better use of space. We will make sure that your new shower meets all of your specifications and requirements, and that it looks exactly how you wanted.

Shower to tub remodeling Salt Lake City, UT

Shower To Tub Conversions

Depending on your needs, you may want to pursue converting your shower into a tub because:

  • You want a place to be able to soak and relax. Baths are a great source of self-care and nurturing, and they can also be therapeutic for those with aching muscles or other ailments.
  • You have a large family with young children. Got a lot of kiddos to bathe? You can put a few of them in the tub at a time for efficiency. A bathtub is much safer than a shower for young ones.
  • You have elderly people living in the home. Showers can be a fall risk for older people. A walk-in bathtub is a great option that is easy for them to enter safely and be seated while washing themselves.

Offering Salt Lake City Bathroom Remodeling Options

We can put in any kind of fixtures or appliances that you want to complete your bathroom renovation. Tell us your style and aesthetic goals, and we can show you a large inventory of products that match that ambiance. Our bathroom remodelers in Salt Lake City will walk you through all the options for colors, textures, and finishes. If you want to add safety features somewhere, like grab bars, or add floating shelves for convenience and a sleek look, we can do that as well. The remodeling staff will make sure that we transform the space into exactly what you want.

Top Bathroom Remodeling Salt Lake City

Contact Neerings Plumbing & Heating to learn more about our professional bathroom remodeling. Our plumbers in Salt Lake City are here to change up your shower or tub and upgrade your bathroom into whatever you dream of. Our team is dedicated to making your vision come to life! Reach out to us now to get started on your remodeling project or to speak with one of our experts and receive information about our services.

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