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Remodeling: Taking a Half Bath to a Full Bath

Is it time to tackle that bathroom remodeling project you’ve been putting off. Do you have a half bathroom that you’d like to convert to a full bath but the project seems intimidating or you’re not sure how to start? Here are 5 easy things to think about as you plan your remodel!

Choose Your Layout

bathroom remodeling layouts salt lake city

Decide on the most efficient layout for your bathroom remodeling project. Think about utilizing as much of your space as possible. Do you have a corner that would be perfect for a shower? Is that weird leftover space perfect for towel storage? You may want to get a professional designer to help ensure that you have the best possible layout for your new bathroom.

Decide on DIY or Professional Help

professional vs diy bathroom remodeling salt lake city

Some people love the control and satisfaction that comes from doing a project themselves, while others prefer not to have to bother with the details. If you do want professional help for your half bathroom remodel, our plumbers at Neerings would be happy to help you out!

How Do You Want to Bathe?

half bath remodel vs full bath remodel salt lake city

One of the biggest decisions you’ll want to make is which bathing options to make available in your current half bath. Do you want your bathroom remodeling project to include the installation of a bath/shower combo, or would you rather just have a shower? If you have space, a separate shower and bathtub may also be an option. Once you know this, your space may basically lay itself out.

Set Your Budget

bathroom remodel cost salt lake city

A bathroom remodeling project can cost about as much as you want it to! Set your budget ahead of time so you don’t end up frustrated or with financial problems later on. If you need help setting a budget, give us a call and we can help you with that too!

Start Working!

bathroom renovations salt lake city

Once you know what you want and you’re happy with the professionals working for you, set a start date and get to work. If you’re doing it yourself, don your work clothes and start breaking things down. If we are doing the work, simply answer your door and we’ll get started!

When you’re ready to have the bathroom of your dreams, call the Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling experts at Neerings. We’ll work with you on your half bathroom remodel to help you get the bathroom you need and want in your home. Our professionals are standing by to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

Call Neerings today for all of your bathroom remodeling needs in Salt Lake City! We’ll take that half bath to a full one in no time!

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