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Myths About Bathroom Remodeling in Salt Lake City

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If you’re sick and tired of your current bathroom, call us at Neerings Plumbing & Heating today. We’ll help you upgrade your bathroom and make it the beautiful, functional place you want it to be.

We recommend a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City whenever you’re ready. When your time comes, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Bathroom Remodels Happen Quickly

Many people assume that bathroom remodels happen fast because bathrooms are relatively small. However, their size can actually slow a project down. Because of the tight space, your master plumbers in Salt Lake City may not be able to work at the same time as your electricians, tilers, painters, etc. In addition, you might have to wait for custom cabinets, showers, etc. to come in.

Bathrooms are So Small They Aren’t Worth Remodeling

Some people think that there’s not much they can do with a bathroom because the room is so small. However, our team can connect you with bathroom remodeling ideas to help you improve even the smallest rooms! Remodeling a small bathroom is worth it when you can make major improvements to your space.

It’s Easy to Move the Shower or Bath

Many homeowners include relocating a shower or bath in their plans until they see how it affects their bathroom remodel cost. Changing the location of pipework can be expensive and significantly extend the timeframe of your remodel.

Bathroom Remodels are Cheap Because Bathrooms are Small

It’s easy to assume that your bathroom remodel cost will be lower when remodeling a small bathroom. However, the cost of the remodel depends a lot on your bathroom remodeling ideas. If you want to relocate plumbing and use custom materials, the remodel may cost more than you had expected.

Bathroom Remodels Don’t Affect Home Prices

We talk to people every day who hesitate to invest in a bathroom remodel in Salt Lake City because they think it won’t raise the value of their home. In actuality, you can recoup at least some of the money you invest in a bathroom remodel when you sell your home. The exact percentage depends on where you live but hovers somewhere around 50%. This can make it worthwhile to invest in upgrading your bathrooms today!

Get Help with Your Bathroom Remodel in SLC

Call on our master plumbers in Salt Lake City from Neerings Plumbing & Heating today, or anytime you want to talk about a bathroom remodel. We’ll help you get the bathroom of your dreams at a budget you can handle.