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The Most Common Heating and A/C Problems You May Face

At Neerings, we are happy to perform any heating or A/C repairs in Salt Lake City that you need to have done. However, many of the repairs we see come from a few common causes. Here are the things that most often go wrong with air conditioners and heaters, as well as ideas for what you can do to prevent these problems.

The Limit Switch Breach

The limit switch will turn off your heater or air conditioner when dangerous conditions exist. Most often, this switch flips when your unit is overheating. The system won’t turn on again until an expert in A/C or heating repair in Salt Lake City comes to manually flip it back.

Many times, the limit switch flips because the air filter is dirty. A dirty filter means that the heater or A/C has to do extra work to get the air that it needs. Over time, this can cause it to overheat because it is working so hard.

Avoid a limit switch breach by changing your air filters as directed by our experienced technicians.

The Run Capacitor

The run capacitor is attached to the blow motor in your heating and cooling system. It can simply go bad, but often it runs out of power for preventable reasons.

The easiest way to avoid this air conditioning or heating repair in Salt Lake City is to keep your HVAC system clean. Eliminate dirt, dust, and other buildup because this can make life harder for the run capacitor and cause it to burn through its battery fast.

Other Common A/C and Heating Problems

There are a few other common A/C and heating repairs in Salt Lake City. These include:

common heating & ac problems
  • Pilot lights that go out. Unless this happens a lot, it’s not something to worry about. Just get your experts in heating repair in Salt Lake City to relight them.
  • Stalled blower motors. This can happen for several reasons, most of which are fast and easy to fix.
  • Trouble with circuit boards. Again, the exact cause of the trouble can vary but your HVAC expert from Neerings will get to the bottom of it and fix it fast.

Regular heating and A/C maintenance can prevent many of these common problems. If you’d like to invest in this service, let us know today. We’ll send someone out to you ASAP to make sure your heater and A/C are running well and do all we can to keep them doing so for a long, long time.

Call Neerings whenever you need heating repair or A/C service in Salt Lake City! Make your appointment today!