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How To Winterize Your Swamp Cooler

When winter comes around, it’s important that you’ve taken steps to maintain your home’s various systems that can be damaged or negatively effected by freezing temperatures. In this blog, we’ll cover how to winterize swamp coolers, electrical systems, and furnaces.

Evaporative Cooler in Salt Lake City

If you have a swamp cooler as the source of cold instead of an air conditioning system, there are a few things that you need to know to keep it working in peak efficiency. As a property owner, it’s important to do routine maintenance on the appliances and make sure they are ready for the temperature variances that come with the changing seasons. We are here to answer a common question we get: “How do I winterize my swamp cooler?”. Follow these steps to make sure it stays in good condition through the colder months of the year….

Steps for Swamp Cooler Service

  1. Disconnect water line u0026 drain the cooler

    Protect the line from damages caused by standing water freezing and causing it to crack. Any water left in the cooler may cause corrosion and rust, so it’s important to drain that as well.

  2. Put a winter cover on the swap cooler

    To keep the appliance sheltered from the elements, put a cover over it. This will keep it protected from rain, snow, wind, hail, and any other adverse conditions.

  3. Cover the vent into the property

    This is an area where heat can escape while you are trying to warm the home. You can easily block it off and keep your property protected with a piece of cardboard or insulation board.

Why Do Swamp Cooler Maintenance?

Just like any other working machine at your property, you need to stay on top of the upkeep and maintenance for your swamp cooler to ensure it keeps operating well. By following these few tips for winterizing, it can help to shield from damage and save you a lot of money on repairs or having to replace anything if it freezes or breaks.

How to Winterize Your Electrical Systems

Your electrical system works hard during the winter. Take a few minutes to make sure it is ready for winter so you won’t have to worry even when it gets cold outside. Read these tips from expert Salt Lake City electricians, Neerings!

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Check Your Heating Options

Make sure that your plugs and outlets are ready for any space heaters you decide to use. You should also check the connections in and around your furnace to ensure optimal functioning before it gets too cold. 

Get the Lighting You Need

Install the outdoor lighting you need so you can continue your outdoor living this winter. You may also want to change out old bulbs with more  energy-efficient options so you don’t have to spend as much on your lighting. If you plan to install holiday lights, make sure your outdoor outlets are fully functional before you plug anything in. 

Consider Alternate Power Plans

If the power goes out during a storm, what will you do to stay warm and comfortable until it comes back on? Make sure you have an alternate power plan, like a whole-home generator, and that you test it to make sure it is working. Even a portable generator is better than nothing! 

How to Winterize Your Furnace

Did you know that just a little bit of furnace maintenance can go a long way? Spending a few minutes getting your furnace ready for winter can mean the difference between a winter full of furnace repairs and one free from them entirely. Here’s what you can do this fall to make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm this winter.

Working on a furnace in SLC.

Replace your filter

Even if you do nothing else, change your furnace filter. These need to be replaced regularly, anywhere from once a month to twice a year, depending on your particular system and how often you use it. When the filter is dirty, your furnace has to work extra hard to get clean air to heat. This can mean that it heats poorly or that it burns out prematurely due to overwork. Be proactive and buy several filters now so they are there and ready for you to use them.

Clear your vents

If your vents are covered, it doesn’t matter how much hot air you have because it won’t get where you need it. Move drapes, furniture, trash cans, and more until your vents are completely clear. You may also want to make sure that dust and debris haven’t gathered in or around your vents because these can hamper airflow, too.

Check blowers and burners

Dust and debris can buildup inside your furnace, too. Gently remove as much of this as you can because it can be a fire hazard, as well as causing the need for furnace repairs later on. You may also want to make sure your burner is aligned properly and that your blower is oiled so the furnace motor will run well.

Schedule professional furnace service

The best way to make sure you get the furnace maintenance you need is to call us and schedule an appointment. We’ll come out, check every component of your furnace, and let you know if everything is working well or if you need repairs before winter comes. If you do, we’ll get them done and make sure your furnace service is complete before you need to use it.

It’s Smart to Winterize Your Home!

In just a few easy steps, you can give yourself peace of mind by winterizing your swamp cooler, electrical system, and furnace and getting them ready for the cold months. Take a little time to prep your appliance, and there should be no worries about how well it works come spring. For more information on how to maintain your furnace, electrical system, or swamp cooler in Salt Lake City during the winter, call us at Neerings!