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How To Remodel Your Small Bathroom Wisely

Your bathroom may not be the most glamorous area in your home, but with the help of trusted professionals – it can be! Small bathrooms may seem like a quick, easy remodel; however, they have all of the same assets as a large bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom in Salt Lake City with limited space requires the proper reconfiguration, so it can be transformed into your new oasis wisely. Bathrooms have a multitude of factors that can go unnoticed during remodels but with the help of our Neerings team, you can uncover the bathroom of your dreams! 

A bathroom remodeled by Neerings.

Bathtubs Are Optional

Although this is dependent on the family members in your home that may need a bathtub, your bathroom may not require a tub installation. If your space is already limited, it is best to reserve square feet for storage. A stand-alone shower will enlarge the overall look of your bathroom. An additional feature to think about is eliminating a swinging door. Choosing a sliding shower door or a simple shower rod and curtain will prevent cabinet, shower, and bathroom doors from opening into each other. 

Install A Wall-Mounted Faucet

To visually increase the space of your bathroom, place your sink in the corner of your bathroom. In addition, mounting faucet hardware will free up countertop space. This will allow you to store additional items on and around your sink. Wall-mounted faucets also improve the ease of cleaning off countertop spaces.

A wall mounted faucet in SLC.

Hide Your Toilet’s Tank

Although unconventional, a tankless toilet will visually and physically free up space in your small bathroom! Tankless and low-flow toilets are much smaller than traditional toilets, and some are even mounted on the wall. Not only do tankless toilets save space and add aesthetic value to your bathroom, but they also save water!

A hidden tank toilet in a new bathroom!

Recess Your Medicine Cabinet

If you are choosing to include a medicine cabinet in your bathroom remodel, consider recessing it. By setting your medicine cabinet back into the wall, you will create a sleek even space in your bathroom to include more storage! Medicine cabinets are a great option for additional storage while still incorporating a mirror in your bathroom. Recessing your cabinet will give your space a sleek and modern look! 

A recessed medicine cabinet.

If you are ready to take on a summertime DIY project OR you want to leave it to the Home Service Specialists, give us a call today at (833) 981-9300. Our master plumbers will be here to FIX IT for you and deliver our Gold Standard Service every step of the way. The Neerings Plumbing team will make sure your bathroom gets the facelift it deserves this summer so you can go back to enjoying summer festivities!