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End of season furnace inspection being done by Neerings

End Of Season Heater Tips For Salt Lake City Properties

The winter is coming to a close in Salt Lake City, but before you say goodbye to the cold months, there are a few things that you should do as a homeowner to take care of your furnace. Following these tips can ensure that your heater will work well next winter, and that it lasts for many seasons to come.

Schedule Maintenance

Have your HVAC system checked out once you are finished using it for the season. This way, a professional can tell you if it started to wear out this winter and if it may not be working as well next season. The worst thing that could happen is you go to turn it on this fall and realize it is broken or barely functioning. Preventative maintenance is key, and we can help out with it! We’ll check on its operating status, clean it out, and change the filters. We can also let you know if you need a furnace replacement so you have a new one ready later this year.

Thermostat Upgrade

Consider getting a new thermostat so that you have it ready when next winter comes around. Many of our customers in Salt Lake City have us do programmable thermostats installation, because they are convenient and allow for total control over how warm the inside of a property gets. You can choose the temperature while saving energy at the same time.

Check the Ducts

After running your furnace for the past few months, it probably got fairly dirty inside. The ducts of your home could be filled with dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants from outside. Have a professional come out and do air duct cleaning, so you can be sure the air conditioner isn’t blowing all of that inside when it comes time to run the AC unit during Salt Lake City’s hot summers.

Check the Belt

The furnace’s belt may need to be repaired after many months of constant operation. You can look to see if it is cracked or worn down, or if it is losing tension. If anything seems wrong, you can call us out to get it fixed.

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