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Don’t Wait! Tune Up Your A/C Now!

Spring is just around the corner! Do you know what that means? It’s time to tune up your air conditioner. I know, I know, it sounds like a lot of work. All you really need to do, though, is schedule an appointment with Neerings today! We would love to hear from you soon so we can help you get your air conditioner tuneup done before you want to use your unit.

Spring is the best time for air conditioner maintenance because it allows you to ensure that your A/C is ready to go before it gets hot outside. If you try to turn your unit on for the first time and something doesn’t work or it’s inefficient, you may not be able to use it until we can get there. And guess what? That is our busiest time of year for air conditioners. We’d hate to see you have to wait a couple of days in sweltering heat before we can get to you. So call today. We’ll do your maintenance and make sure your air conditioner is ready for the hot summer ahead.

Why Maintain Your A/C?

Sure, air conditioner maintenance sounds wonderful, but do you really need that tune-up? We hear this question from customers all the time, and here’s what we tell them.

  • Tune-ups can save energy. When we do an A/C tune-up, we will make sure your air conditioner is running efficiently. This means that it won’t have to work so hard to do its job. When it’s not working as hard, it won’t use as much energy. Do your best for the planet and invest in an A/C checkup today.
  • Tune-ups can save money. When you aren’t using as much energy, you won’t have to pay as much in energy costs. In fact, tuning up your A/C may pay for itself over the course of the summer.
  • Tune-ups make your A/C last longer. When you get your air conditioner checkup done, we can find problems before they become catastrophic. We’ll repair them and keep your unit in good working order so you may not have to replace it as often.

Call us today to get on our spring A/C maintenance list. We’ll set an appointment, then come out and take care of your air conditioner. If we find any issues, you’ll have plenty of time to fix them before it gets hot!

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