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Can Cold Weather Cause Electrical Problems?

Did you know that cold weather can cause electrical problems in your house? It’s true! Some things happen more often when it’s cold outside. If any of these occur in your home, never fear! Call us at Neerings and we’ll send out an electrician as soon as possible to get your power running normally again soon. If you have any concerns about electrical safety, call us about those ASAP!

Power Outages

cold weather electrical problems in houses

Cold weather tends to come with more storms than usual and these can cause power outages. Snow, ice, wind, rain, and all other types of winter weather can blow power lines over, cause them to break, and more. If you experience a lot of these outages, ask your electrician about an independent generator to keep your power on.

Static Electricity

Winter is a drier season than summer, spring, or fall. That raises the instances of static electricity. In extreme cases, this can cause fires or damage your electrical appliances. Installing a whole-home humidifier can raise the moisture levels in your home year-round so static electricity doesn’t stand a chance.

Old Equipment Failure

Outdated equipment or appliances can cause all sorts of problems in your home, from shorts to circuit overloads and even to electrical fires. Avoid these issues when you replace things like electric blankets and space heaters regularly. At the very least, you should inspect the cords and plugs on these to make sure they are intact.

Space Heaters

These are rarely energy efficient and cause a large number of the house fires that we see every winter. Make sure that any space heater you use gets turned off when it’s not needed, that the unit isn’t getting too hot, and that you don’t see sparks or other signs of an electrical safety problem when you use it.

Tripping a Breaker

The holiday season can come with increased demands for electricity. This can cause your breakers to trip, even frequently. Make sure you know where the breaker box is and how to flip the breaker. If you have one that keeps flipping all the time, call to get that circuit checked out by an electrician.

At Neerings, we would love to help you with all of the electrical problems in your house. Call us and we’ll send out an SLC electrician fast to get to the bottom of any issue you’re having and find the solutions you need.

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