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Why Acting Fast To Correct Drain Clogs Is Necessary

An extremely clogged drain in Salt Lake City

QUICK! Are you experiencing a drain clog, even if it is minor, right now? If so, now is the time to act to ensure your drain blockage doesn’t turn into a costly, time-consuming plumbing problem. Our Neerings team is comprised of local master plumbers that are well versed in fixing drain problems with professional drain cleaning in Salt Lake City. We want you to know why it is so important to intentionally move on correcting drain issues. Keep reading to find out!

Reason #1: It prevents pipe replacements for older homes.

There’s nothing worse than putting off a drain clog for so long that what could have been a $100 fix is now thousands of dollars. Pipe replacements are not nearly as cost-effective and take several days to complete compared to just an hour or two. You can prevent this fate for your home (and your wallet) by being proactive now.

Reason #2: It avoids an easy fix from becoming more complicated and costly.

If a drain blockage gets to the point where it cannot be simply located, then opening walls, ceilings, floors, and even cabinets may be necessary to gain access to where the clog is located. Not only is this a messy job but it is much more costly than a simple drain cleaning to start with.

Reason #3: It prevents DIY mistakes.

The easy solution is not always the correct solution! That’s right; we are talking about using solutions like Drano or Liquid Plumber. While these options are inexpensive, they have the ability to make drain issues even worse and ruin the coating in your pipes, that is if they even work in the first place! Save yourself the trouble and avoid a DIY attempt becoming a (very costly) rookie mistake.

Reason #4: It avoids additional drain blockages from occurring.

One drain clog is enough. You certainly don’t want to be in a position where you’re experiencing multiple within the same area of your home. To avoid multiple blockages from happening, action should be taken at the first sight of the initial clog.

Reason #5: It ensures no foul odors in your home.

The scent of sewage wafting through your home is not only revolting but also embarrassing for all homeowners. You will certainly not want to invite neighbors inside knowing your drains are making the inside of your home smell awful. Stop the scent while it’s early on and get a professional like a member of our Neerings team to take a look and complete a drain cleaning.

If you’re experiencing a drain clog now, even if it is minor, consider this article a sign to act! Don’t ignore the red flags and put off getting your drains addressed. Our team is here to make the process easy, fast, and affordable to ensure you experience our Gold Standard Service. Contact us at (833) 976-5200 today and schedule a drain cleaning for ONLY $79.