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5 Common Household Items That Can Block Your Drains

What you may think is okay to put down your drain could be the culprit of a major drain clog. Before tossing anything down the drain, keep in mind that the following items should never make it into your home’s pipes and should be purposefully placed in a trashcan nearby. And if you need drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, call our team now.

Coffee Grounds

Someone dumping coffee grounds in their drain

Believe it or not, our plumbers say that coffee grounds are one of the most common causes of clogs in kitchens everywhere. The reasoning is that the granular grounds can stick to the coating inside your pipes with a thick sludge and remain there blocking any other food waste from making it down the drain.

Grease, Fats, & Oils

A greasy pan getting washed in a sink

Although this might seem like an obvious item not to throw down your drain, you would be surprised to know that 47% of all sewer overflows are caused by dumping grease or oil down your pipes. All cooking oils should be left to cool, poured into a container, and disposed of in a nearby trashcan once solidified. Doing that can save you from a Salt Lake City sewer repair!

Produce Stickers

A produce sticker on an apple

Scraping the stickers off your new fruit from the grocery store? Think twice before putting it down the kitchen sink. Although these stickers only consist of a little adhesive, it is still enough to get stuck in your pipes and remain there, blocking other items from flowing through the way they should.

Paper Towels

Toilet paper overflowing a toilet

No, paper towels cannot be treated the same as toilet paper! Paper towels are purposefully designed to absorb liquids, making them the perfect culprit of a major drain clog when flushed down the toilet.


Medications being stopped in a drain trap

If you need to dispose of old medications, they should be tossed in the trash or disposed of at a local disposal site instead of flushed, because the chemicals in these medications can mix with the water supply. Although it is a full-circle process, these medications can contaminate aquatic wildlife in lakes and streams and find their way back into drinking water.

Now, that you know these common household items can lead to major plumbing problems, we hope that you will keep these items at the top of your mind and toss them in nearby trash bins, instead of down your drains. If the damage is already done and you need help, our team is happy to FIX IT with a professional drain cleaning. Contact our Salt Lake City plumbers and book your next drain cleaning at (801) 467-3951.

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